Register a trademark

To protect your brand (e.g. clothing or event brand), you should register a trademark in South Africa. Steps to register a trademark: Call us to: (i) confirm that your brand is not “descriptive”; and (ii) identify the “classes” in which …

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Register a patent

1. Patent search – to determine whether you have something patentable Before registering a patent for an invention: identify the benefits of your invention; identify features that you have “added” to yield those benefits. Note: you cannot patent “benefits”, only …

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South Africa PCT National Phase Patent

South African offers the lowest cost national phase patent available. Total cost: US$585. This charge include: our professional charge; the official / filing fee (US$50); prosecution costs (for non-pharmaceutical inventions); acceptance, publication and grant costs; and cost to courier the …

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FAQ: I have an idea. Where to from here?

I want to find out how to patent a Idea and if there is already a patent about my idea and what can I benefit? Need help and any assistance please! (Yolande, 3 Feb 2012)

Considering claims when filing a provisional patent

The scope of protection afforded by a granted patent is defined by the claims in the complete specification. Generally, for a complete patent to be infringed, every feature mentioned in one of the claims must be present in the infringing …

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